Armed and Ready to Battle the Ever Evolving Adversary

In the second quarter of this year, cybercriminals tried to inject more than 1 million malware programs into financial companies worldwide, a 50 percent jump from the same period in 2015. ~Kaspersky Lab

Financial services firms will need the highest increase in security spending to avert cyber attacks. Financial services companies face a “13-fold rise to $292.4 million per company in cyber security spending to fend off 95% of cyber attacks.” ~Deloitte Transforming Cybersecurity in the Financial Services Industry report

54% of businesses surveyed had come under attack from ransomware in the last 12 months. The survey contacted 540 companies, and it found that the most commonly targeted types of business were in the healthcare or finance industries. ~ An Osterman research survey

Indonesia is ranked second among countries where cyber attacks are launched and is the most prone to cyberattacks. The most alarming fact is that in 2015 there was a four-fold increase in cybercrimes from 2014. ~Office of the Coordinating Minister, Indonesia

The average number of attacks against financial services institutions is four times higher than that of companies in other industries. Adversaries are constantly changing their attack strategies, so that cyber security leaders need to be always vigilant and watchful for the next threat. In this dynamic landscape, we must make certain that we are adaptable even in challenging situations, and look for solutions that are preventive rather than reactive.

2017 Speaker Faculty

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Key Topics To Be Addressed in 2017 Include:

  •  Unmasking the enemy and understanding their intentions
  •  Understanding the current cyber threat landscape and next generation adversaries in financial services: What do you need to be prepared for?
  •  Effectively managing risks and driving innovation in the fight against cyber crime
  •  Are your people the weakest link? Explore strategies for managing up and down to positively impact the workforce
  •  Strategies to protect your organisation against APT
  •  Building a cyber security strategy that is agile and leverages technologies to effectively respond to cyber attacks
  •  Hacked! Building an effective response strategy
  •  Effectively balancing security risk management and business enablement
  •  Combating malware and ransomware threats facing financial institutions today

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Destination-location ensures everybody is there to network, not to attend for a few hours and then leave for external business


Case studies from a cross-spread of APAC regions and the specific financial sector allow you to draw the most relevant ideas from your peers

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  • Thought-leaders in APAC cyber security

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