Day 3

7:30 AM - 8:30 AM Breakfast & Registration

8:30 AM - 8:40 AM Chairman's welcome

Building An Effective Deterrence Strategy

8:40 AM - 9:20 AM Swift’s latest initiatives to boost banks’ and their own defences against cyber attacks

  • Identifying vulnerabilities that could compromise the transfer of funds
  • Collaborating and sharing details of cyber attacks so that future incidents can be averted
  • Working with third party providers for improved system security

9:20 AM - 9:50 AM Unmasking the enemy and understanding their intentions

  • Identifying your adversaries
  • Strategies to better understand your adversaries’ behaviours and intent
  • Building defences to pre-empt, detect, respond to and recover from the damage that results from attacks

9:55 AM - 10:25 AM One-to-One Business Meetings

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM One-to-One Business Meetings

9:55 AM - 11:00 AM Networking Break


11:05 AM - 11:35 AM End-Point Security

Think Tank

11:05 AM - 11:35 AM How secure is your cloud? Understanding the critical elements of cloud security

How can the security of your cloud be ensured? In this think tank you will evaluate the right cloud security capabilities that will enable you to adopt a thorough approach to attack mitigation and advanced security features.

11:35 AM - 12:05 PM Panel: Effectively balancing cyber security risk management and business enablement

  • Evaluating the needs of the business and the measurable risks to the business of cyber crimes
  • Developing a balanced and effective cyber security strategy for your organisation
  • Convincing the Board and business unit leaders of the real impact of cyber breaches: Building a defensive culture that is ingrained in the company fabric

12:05 PM - 12:50 PM Networking Lunch

12:35 PM - 1:25 PM One-to-One Business Meetings

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM One-to-One Business Meetings

12:55 PM - 2:00 PM Networking Break

2:00 PM - 2:35 PM Panel: Combating malware and ransomware threats facing financial institutions today

  • How malware and ransomware can sneak into your system
  • Conducting vulnerability assessments to fix weaknesses before they are exposed and exploited
  • Improving penetration testing by utilising the latest threat intelligence
  • What to do if you are a victim of ransomware? Coming up with a contingency plan

2:35 PM - 2:45 PM Chairman’s Closing Speech & End of Exchange